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Current select committee process, March 2010 - Third Supercity Bill

It's really important you make your views known to the Select Committee (as well as other avenues) on this draft law.

The draft law under scrutiny (a 'Bill') is the Local Government (Auckland Law Reform) Bill (and informally referred to as the 'Third Bill').

Your submission into this draft law is needed; submissions closed on Friday 12 February 2010 before midnight

Select committee

Auckland Governanace Legislation Committee


Note: Views and opinions are those of the respective authors.

Hearings began Monday 22nd February 2010 in Parnell (Auckland)

The select committee began hearing evidence in Auckland on Monday 22nd February 2010.
All hearings will be held upstairs in the Endeavour/Discovery Rooms at the Quality Hotel Barrycourt, located at 20 Gladstone Road, Parnell. There is parking available in the hotel complex. This is the only location in the Auckland region where the Select Committee will hold hearings.

Individuals were heard in the first few days; and offered upto 3-4 minutes speaking time.
From Wednesday afternoon (24Feb2010) hearings for organisations have commenced.

There was early indication that Auckland councils will be heard on 01 and 02 March 2010 (although that may have since been put back).

Hearings are generally between 9am and 8pm; though some days have earlier finish times.
Times are subject to change without notice. Select Committee meeting schedule for this week.
It is anticipated that hearings will take around two weeks, finishing Thursday 04th March 2010?

SavePapakura.com presented on Thursday 25th February 2010.
Check back in the next day or so, we hope to share some of what we presented...

SavePapakura.com presentation at Papakura hearing, Monday 20 July 2009. L-R Flash Langley, Janet Phare and Ross Williams.
File photo: SavePapakura.com presenting at the July 2009 select committee hearings, on the Second Bill.

Position papers

Note: Views and opinions are those of the respective authors.

Additional information

Information & tips about the Supercity plans.

Handouts by SavePapakura.com

Other resources

Note: Views and opinions are those of the respective authors.

Did you have problems lodging your submission via the internet?

SavePapakura.com is aware that for the Third Bill submissions, many people had difficulties submitting their submission using the internet.
Some people were able to overcome the issues; though we suspect that some other people may not have been successful in lodging their submission.

In recent months Parliament has used an online submission form via a webpage. 'Popups' being blocked was not obvious for some users, across varying skill levels and complexities.

The Select Committee Office has shutdown the previous committee e-mail address for correspondence and submissions; with all e-mails bouncing.
This caused problems for people who were doing what they did on the Second Bill last year and tried to e-mail their submissions.

How do I make my submission? (Submissions have now closed)

The following guidelines may help you structure your submission, or appreciate the select committee process and how you can best get your message accross:

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